It’s a new place covered in sand 

Disguised as a vacation

But there will be no leisurely activities

There will be no free HBO

This is for family

Not business but that category would be closer to the actual purpose

Ashes to ashes

Gathering the dust of a “loved one”

He barely knew him

His son 

At thirty five

Not a natural death

But timely all the same

Vacation time was running out

Put it to use

A long drive 

Is good for the mind

Gets the wrinkles out

Airs out those doubts and fears

Bringing them forward so they can be addressed 


Head on




He passed that on 

And it killed all three

A death that would live in infamy 

Just in two families

But all the same

He didn’t die a hero

He died a killer

“Better than surviving” his father reasoned

Vehicular manslaughter

Under the influence

Life would have been over either way

Shaking his head 

Reaching his leathery hand towards another can of beer 

“I know my limits; such a shame”

His bushy eyebrows raised as he poured the liquid into puffy lips framed by empty riverbeds of aging lines

He parked outside the coroner’s office

“And here I pick up my son, Shane”


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