Problem Solver

Wishing I could keep my mouth shut

Wishing I could solve problems like a grown up

When there’s nothing there

You have to learn to play pretend

Then imagination becomes a habit

As you retreat into fantasies of what could be

And what might have been

That cause asphyxiation 

Of the logical mind

Making life’s decisions with a coin toss

Wondering why it’s all going wrong

If only the paths hadn’t diverged… 

If only it didn’t feel so rocky



Eyelids are heavy with the sands of responsibility that itch when scratched

And it is not becoming to look so raw

Cover up your blemishes and tell them this is who you are


And perfect


And wise

Once the record has been scratched 

They won’t care why

Blending in with the other flaws

That sound so good with time

Maybe I can turn this around

If only I had the time


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