Topsy Turvy 

Topsy turvy

Everything upside down

Hair standing on end

As I see the world for what it is

Going through the emotions so many times

A circle of excitement 

Following its path to letdown

Always coming back around

Faces stare

Unsure how to respond

Their lives are stationary 

And it might seem appealing 

To me it seams stale

To stand in the same place 

Adding rooms in the attic 

To hold more things

That will end up in yard sales

Broken in dumpsters

Collecting tears from the mites

That build families inside

I’m not here to judge you

I’m just painting pictures of what I see

So many people are looking past 


Focused on money

And power

And objects

And all of the things that don’t hold souls

And will fade

Sooner than the rain

As the metal begins to rust






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