A Wall

Calmly trying on new faces

Undoing the stitches isn’t what hurts

Not recognizing my own reflection 

Causes confusion and vertigo

Clearly this is bigger than praying for me

I need to be embraced as we plunge off the cliff 

That is as unforgiving as your patience with 

This never ending situation

Human kind is selfish and asks for a one sided kiss

That promises I’ll be there tomorrow

But you give no guarantee

Refusing to address the issue that would 

Ask for you to sacrifice your never ending loneliness (aka freedom) to be a part of 

A rocky life that promises astonishing views from the top

My back hurts from carrying this home 

To the top as stones are thrown at my face 

On the way up

Because no one likes looking at pain

It reminds them of what they are covering up with healthy lifestyles

Engagement rings

White picket fences

Perhaps if we built a wall we could put everyone

Who hasn’t covered up their hemorrhaging 

With gold plated cuffs

On the other side 

We could take the resources they were 

Sucking from our rivers into swimming pools 

Lined with gold

Decorated with oleanders that

Resemble our own human nature

Passive aggressive

This world is exhausting 

And my hands are shaking

Let me sew on this smile so you don’t feel so bad


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