What Is It Like?

What is it like?

Watching sunsets

Sitting on plastic grass

Watching the tide roll in

What is it like? 

Seeing life through your eyes

Do you see debt when you pull up to your two story home

Do you feel loved when your child brings their report card to show

Do you struggle to stay happy sometimes

Do you think you’re better than others in life

What is it like?

Sipping sangrias as the sprinklers twitch

Cutting avocados on your outdoor kitchen counter

Laughing with neighbors you’ve only just met

Feeling sweat poor down your exfoliated back

What is it like? 

Being in your skin

Do you wonder if maybe you could do more

Do you feel pressure to always succeed 

Do you wonder why some can’t even make enough to give their children something to eat

Do you feel your charity is enough? 

What is it like? 

As all of us wander on this beach together

Here there is no money

No status

No power

Maybe that’s why we’re drawn to it here

For here we are just people walking around in our weird skin suits

Soaking in sun that makes our bones feel alive

Cooling ourselves in the water that makes us remember what it was like to be a child

When we leave and go our separate ways

I wonder what it’s like


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