Mother’s Selfie

Different now with so much weight on every decision

Our selfies are not the same as yours 

Young girls

Ours take courage 

And we feel unworthy

We take them because we have not seen ourselves

Without a child clinging to our skin in 4 years

It was startling to remember what we looked like on our own

Exposed in all of our vulnerability

Hard to look the camera in the eye

Here we stand 

Mothers with damaged bodies 

That duplicated to bring more life into this busy world

And how overlooked and under appreciated we feel

Of course it is worth it

Of course we cherish every giggle and every “I love you, momma”

But to stand on our own feet that now feel shaky 

When they aren’t chasing after mischievous little beings 

Is something only a mother could appreciate 

So you go out there, you beautiful creatures 

And don’t feel embarrassed to steal the spotlight from time to time

Because momma, you deserve it 


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