Talking to Air

Bumpy surface

Everyone can not be pleased

You will not like me all of the time

Numbed by too many visuals

Sometimes it’s better to close your eyes

I am waves

I come rushing towards you

Then I retreat

I’ve heard there is nothing like the view from the inside
I wrote to you about politics

Just to get a response

But just like your silence

Your words made me feel more empty

And he will be the end of civilized society

So kiss my ass
There is no reasoning when it comes to running backwards

Only your muscles know why it makes them feel good to go back

But the brain must be silenced to let it happen

Unfortunately I’m still looking for a switch to turn off the heart
Oh, you overworking pump 

Trying to force the wrong kind of liquid through

It is not right to want something so much

Especially when you have no proof it exists

At least not in its natural state without preservatives and red dye
I will get angry and not know why

I will say I’m sorry too many times 

I will want all of you entirely too soon 

I will try to explain myself in a maze of jumbled up parables


I will see the best of you even when you can’t

I will want to touch you when you need nothing more 

I will stand next to you when everyone is throwing rocks 

I will sing to you when the drive gets too long
Once again talking to air

Because no one is there 

Oh, silly people

One day we’ll all be dead


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