It’s Like This

I know this depression is getting oldBut when I start to feel it lifting

Another link is added to the chain 

You give me anecdotes and simple solutions

But once you’re infected and your lungs have the disease

It’s hard to do much more than breathe

Then people start to leave

Because when the lost fawn needs protection

That’s when the wolves come to feed

And it seems so easy from that window 

Perched on a second story balcony

Everything in plain view as you see I simply need to skip from rock one to rock two 

But from where I stand 

The rocks are not stable 

And the water is rushing by with great force

I never learned to swim

But even an Olympic swimmer hasn’t been trained to overpower crocodiles 

So I lay on the bank

Let the sun soak into my skin

Because it feels as close to touch as I can get without having my heart burst into flames

I don’t want try to reach you


My patience has grown thin


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