The Other Side of Time

Tall walls crumbling from within
 Border a small cottage with a roof made of straw

There are snakes in the grass

The old woman hates to be seen

Remembering what it was like to grab

People’s attention only to have faded into the stucco 

There is life in the tea she pours herself in the morning

Breathing it in reminds her of having strong lungs 

That screamed as her husband was taken away by the wolves 

But she doesn’t let her mind visit those days 

Of utter devastation 

Before she was left to gather her own food

Till her own soil 

And bring the water from the well

Her hands are old and frail

Every moves requires her to ignore the pain

Tonight she sits on her steps outside 

Staring at the moon

She wonders what it must look like on the other side of the world

And how different it will be when she’s gone



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