Picking Up Glass

“Picking Up Glass”

Picking up glass Mistaking it for pieces of love

That had been lost 

But when she remembers embraces

There was never any love there 

She searches so desperately because she’s never felt this thing that grows inside of her

This thing that echoes out of her pores 

There is so much to give

Dancing with lyrics as she soothes her aching soul that has a broken back 

From carrying the burden of life without any of the mandated supports that should have been put into place years ago

But she missed that appointment 

Following strangers she thought were friends because they felt like home

Living with indifference and caring out of selfishness 

There is no shelter for those that have no connection 

The cold is bitter like vinegar on a wound 

Lying down in the crackling snow

She’s never felt closer to herself 

You can only be loved as much as you think you deserve 

She says, “This will do just”


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