Family Resemblance

Throwing money
Being a monster

Yelling at faces that resemble his own

Freckles that belonged to his wife

Green eyes that came from his own head

He drinks another beer to forget

He drinks another beer to not regret

He looks at the nuts and bolts on his work bench

This he can fix 
The life he had is just foam in a cup

The daughter he raised is just a fact from his past 

The way he sees the world is flawed and bitter 

The veins in his arms aren’t as indigo as they once were 

But his strength is still there and he uses it to 

Intimidate machines that won’t work the right way
He counts his pennies every night 

And he calls his debtors before sunlight 

The way he sees people is the way he taught himself to survive 

When evil turned real 

Everyone turned a blind eye

It’s hard to say what it was like to let the currents take you where they saw fit

But when he ended up at a dam in the stream 

He grew a tail and began sawing logs with his teeth
He never wanted love or responsibility 

This was before it was okay to avoid having a family

When you couldn’t say I prefer being single

When you couldn’t pretend it’s easier to be alone

So people played house

And children were born

Lives crumbled into drywall 

And the devastation was covered with texture and paint

If you look very closely, you can still see the

Fossil of their bones in the shapes
It’s not a true story

At least not one that could be claimed

Because it’s not popular to feel pain

Especially if you say it out loud

So we’ll just say this is an exploration of character development

We’ll all applaud at the rawness that has been explored
But I can remember the dreams I had of ALL men 

Being chased to be ground into paste

As they screamed in horrific pain

Because bodies can’t handle that kind of masochism

That is not natural for a six year old to think on

But I saw it in his eyes when he dared to look straight into mine


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