Dancing in sunlight’s dustWatching snow fall with no audience but the moon

Wishing tomorrows weren’t so far away 

So we could ride with the windows down

Tangles in hair 

Dirty souls 

On the bottom of our feet

That was before my mind wouldn’t stop

Before it wouldn’t stop 


Solving unending problems

Just scenarios

Turning into life

That is shredded

And complicated

And unbearable

It makes me want to scream like I 

Did when I was just playing pretend

Scraping ice from the bottom of buckets 

Hoping to find something special 

That would pull me from the blandness of adolescence

Now I pray for the peace of knowing the sun always rises in the morning

Not yet knowing that one day it might stop

Once it gets tired of looking at all of the evils We are capable of as we turn our backs

On one another after using a body for 

Nothing more than warmth 

So we don’t feel so alone

Addiction doesn’t kill

But the fear of addiction

The fear of relying on another soul

The fear of wanting someone so badly

Their absence would split the earth open

So we don’t feel slight tremors

We don’t connect to the trees

We don’t let anyone see us

Camouflaged by indifference and maple leaves

The snow falling 

The lonely moon to watches

Never allowed to hold the snow’s delicate figure 

Even the moon might cause it to melt

At least that is the lie that is believed


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