Being Careful

Pretending I’m comfortable standing here

Dust in my eyes

This is the game

Hand over petals 

You’ll get arrows through your chest 

Sing a war song

You’ll get a bouquet at your door

I didn’t dance there all night just to 

See my heart crumble

So I stuffed the ribbons that were left in a little handbag 

And checked them at the door

But if you could have seen the way you looked at me 

You forgot to leave yours behind

I’m sure 

Still, I’m not going to bank on you

Remembering how you love the way I taste

So I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear you mention next time 

And act surprised when your name shows up on my screen 

I’ll wander around this empty grocery store 

Looking for someone 

Pass the time 

In the end we all end up alone in 

A box in the dirt

So it’s better to get comfortable 

Being alone


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