No More 

Why can we not learn how to treat one another? 

To strangers it’s smiles and witty banter

But once we make love

The claws come out and our true selves hide

So scared of getting rejected

Why can’t we love who we love 

And correct those who have done us wrong

We yell and we curse until there is nothing left 

Tracing carbon copies we found on our bedroom floor

After we leave the presence of faces we’ve grown fond of 

We run into strangers’ arms to make the hurt stop 

Saying “I miss you” would start a war 

Having fought over land neither of us owned

We forget the time we shared

Saying it was nothing because it’s easier to swallow than it could have been everything if we knew how to feel without screaming

Letting skin discover skin and eyes stare at lips

I didn’t mean to throw it away

Maybe you did

But I’ll never know

Since we have to follow protocol


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