If we focus on self

We will surely deteriorate

We will be let down

And let others down

I have not considered myself

For several years

But once I took the time

It was like staring at that cursed portrait

Only Dorian understands

I started to whither away

And I clawed at anyone who was near me

Trying to pull myself back in

Graciously falling is maturing

But I chose to struggle

Thrashing in the water

I lost myself in writing

Which can be enlightenment

But if done too selfishly

It turns into a flash flood of self-pity

The kind of which I cannot afford

There is hunger

And violence

And ignorance

And hurt

So many more urgent things

Than the woes of a girl

Who is simply living

On a bumpy road that might have more dips

Than her foes

But that view at the top sure is sweet

I’ll fumble and roll to the bottom again

I’m sure

But it’s good to stop and appreciate what has happened

When the sun hits the clouds setting them on fire

You know life is a delicate, dangerous, heart-breaking,

And ultimately beautiful thing






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