Game of Life 

(The negatives)

Game of Life
I was born alone

Not the same way you were 

A mark on my arm

Raised in a dark room 

Scared to pass the Windows

When the doors opened up 

I was taken to church

They taught about God’s grace

And girls threw rocks

When my eyes started to bleed 

I was put back in a box

I forced my way out when I was fifteen

But I kept my eyes down bumping into lockers as I walked down the hall

I met friends I thought were sisters

I watched a boy make out with a girl in front of my homeroom

I cried myself to sleep

I was eighteen when our family’s fault finally cracked

My “sisters” told me to kick rocks

No one likes you when your sad

I discovered that alcohol covered it up

And made it not so hard to look boys in the eye

The first one I met wasn’t my type, but he was nice 

And he liked my eyes

We followed that through

Playing house

But when it came down to it

He couldn’t let the other girls go

And had to listen to his mother

I couldn’t be pinned in so soon

I shot a man in Reno

I wish that were true

But I did go to school

I walked in the snow

And avoided the crowds

I met a boy I thought was the moon

But we drowned ourselves in whiskey

I’m lucky I got out

I took a train to Cali 

Met a surfer boy

He was the scariest of them all

As he broke glass

And bruised flesh 

In the end he gave me a child 

I couldn’t let her be alone

So we had a boy

One night I had to send him away 

So the red and blue locked him up

Since then I’ve been alone 

This time with two little souls

Bouncing from box to couch to hut to house

Now we’re heading to the car

I have no idea how to do this anymore

I thought I had it right this time

But it turns out

Money makes the world go ’round

So I’m gonna hit the road

It might be a summer road trip

It might be a way home

I don’t know where we’ll end up

But at least we won’t be alone


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