Crumbling City

The walls are caving in, Jericho

The trumpets have sounded

I hid your spies

Why then is my life not spared

I didn’t pay the ransom

Five hands outstretched

What wretch could bare this weight 

The death of a harlot is no crime 

To men who live such righteous lives

Standing on the backs of their fathers

You built your city on your own

What great laws you must have written as 

You slain the bastard children who no longer had bread to eat

The old ways have fallen away in 

The land of the free; home of the brave

But it sure feels like I’m being stoned alive

If you feel I have done you wrong

Please write me a letter

I’ll put it in a bottle 

Throw it out to sea

And wait for the wise waves to reply

Four to five months

And that’s with the correct postage

But wait

You forgot to sign

Adding to the fee for the error

You can’t pay?

We’ll take your blood to pay your fine

You want to leap? 

How dare you think that way

It’s blaspheme 

I know it seems like all of your friends faded 

Into the shingles of newly built homes

But it’s hard to look on desperation 

When trying to build a fortress to hide

Survival of the fittest

But of course we’re not talking about evolution

That would be blaspheme 

I know there is a God watching

But he can’t do anything when the children 

Start playing with guns

He promised free will

And how that freedom burns

As you lock me in the closet

Turn off the lights

Once I stop crying 

They’ll offer good advice

Keep crawling in the mud

And once you are clean 

We’ll extend a hand

I can cut off my hair 

And manage just fine

My skin glows in persecution

But my stomach turns at your sight

It’s not easy to say this

I don’t like sounding weak

But I hate 

Being labeled a failure

When I’ve been flying through the air

 Looking for a place to land

More nonsense ramblings

Someday they’ll stop

Or maybe they’ll keep going 

Whispering in your ear

Reminding you of the evils you committed

As your smile held you up

And your unaffected demeanor built your home 


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