Butterfly Kisses

Cold parking lots filled with

Lost souls who forgot about singing

To old songs while naming their imaginary friends

A time when stars held a secret and canopy beds were

Laced with innocence


Walls splashed with purple hues

And ceilings covered with handprints

Unrecognizable to the adult eye


Butterfly kisses were moth bites

On spider webbed lashes

But I believed every pinky swear

And held onto the wishbone that promised

One day I’d find you


Questions are illegal to logical minds

Childhoods are ignorable to wise men, 

Some of us pretend not to care,

It breaks us like dry bread in the

Middle of a stale afternoon


Summers spent on cement baking our flesh

Until freckles seeped through

Creating lines that we would later cover up

Being told it was wrong to spend our days that way

In water that rushed under our feet and carried us to

Bends that would save our lives one day


Families that were not ours became closer than blood

But in the end sisters are sisters


Alone in a way that makes lost dogs feel at home

Country roads lead us to these dreams

Of running away,

 But in the valley there is nowhere to hide

Nowhere to tell these secrets that fill our dreams

With nightmares of them trying to take others away

Trying to steal us from the basement that looked out on the

Black widows killing their lovers in the window well


Black Eyed Susans hid the Johnny Jump Ups from

Seeing what the rabbits had done

Destroying spinach, cauliflower, and carrots from

The overworked soil that they called home

Making strawberry rhubarb pie

While barefoot in the dusty kitchen

Watching the water boil, waiting for

Noodles to be made


Ice cream was necessity in the middle of the cracked desert, 

But its glory was short and it ended up

On the ground in a puddle being lapped up by the

Animals that had waited for the occasion


Fences were open even when gates were closed

Ruts in the road were maps to the hills

Wars and battles were fought in the back yard under

Protective trees that will live longer than you and I


People change

Family is dead

Friends are boring

And lovers have left


The snow soaked gloves remind us of the cold that led us to this place 

That has filled the darkness with casino lights

And cigarette smoke

Open fields are parking lots and we go there to stare



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