Maybe if you weren’t always looking

I could stare into your eyes without

Tapping my foot

Trying to find a rhythm you could move to

But if it’s all spelled out

Why is it so hard to decide?


The answer is pointing at my nose

But I don’t want to see the

Cruelty of not being needed

Something that can’t be forced

Since I have nothing to give

But even less without a receiver


About to skydive into the world

I am looking for a copilot to steer when

My sticks, used to prop open my eyes, snap

The mess left behind last time was a sight to behold

Tangled metal, splattered blood,

And a rear view mirror left in the dust


Its funny how people admire

When they aren’t sitting right next to

A sultry lounge singer

But the magic is gone when her lips

Open without a song

How bitter the cold is wearing a sleeveless dress


I’m heading up the coast

And I’m gonna go it alone

If you happen to spot me

Windows down

Music up

Hair free

Singing louder than I should

Feel free to ask for a ride

But you know what mother told me

Hitchhikers are dangerous


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