Forge a Path

Tell me one more time

What I must do

I will forge a path the opposite way

Through the woods

I need to keep my family together

No husband to head this house

But this blood is my own

I held them twisting my back until

It broke; bone splintering across the floor

I gave them milk as we gazed at each other

You can tell me I did it all wrong

But I will not stand in the middle of the intersection

Watching my house burn down

Black smoke fades into blue skies

And that smell is brilliant

As it takes the sadness that has been filling

Up in my gut waiting for someone to punch it free

You inspired me to fight

Without gloves

Without borders

Without walls

You will not see me hiding behind a tree

As I pull back my arrow

Not aiming for the apple

What will you think when this battle

Is over and nations are split

Down the middle

Crooked lines defining who we are

What we believe

I’ve been trained in guerilla warfare

And I do not take that lightly as I train my children

To stand up straight when they do a high kick

We will grow what we need

And borrow until we can give it back

But we will never beg from people who hold a grudge

And I will never be told that the way I fought to make life continue

Was the wrong way

Not from you as you continue to overshadow

Everything I have ever been with everything that happened to you

I’m done being a little girl told to empathize

I’m done being told what to do because since it is just me;

None of my decisions can be right,

But when this world ends

Covered in ice

My remains will be found

Both hands making a fist

Held by two beings who knew I did my best

My writing will be deciphered

And my lessons taught

Because it was not your wise words

That created mountains

It was my resistance to make them stop


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