Looking at you

Proud of your stubbornness that

Makes it so difficult to explain 

To porcelain parents at the park

Raising breakable bullies that do it all right

Don’t ever lose that smile that says 

“I know the way”

As you guide us through the jungle 

Introducing us to 

Passion flowers, 


And Monkey Brush

Don’t ever let them tell you

You’re only worth 

The men who want you

Chances are they’ll be a few, 

But you are richer than a girl selling what can be seen

And you never have to sell your soul to gain 

A friend

I want you to swing from the trees and 

Run through the sand

I’ll try not to harness that strong will

If you try to learn how to ask

I will always admire your 

Fire for life and exploring 

As we discover this world together


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