Walking under a Full Moon

Call me home

Wrap me up

This comforter that is my home

Don’t ask me to explain

There’s a full moon out and it’s calling me 

I’m trying to refrain

The hole in my chest will heal itself 

Just like the splinter in your side

You choked on your words 

But I spit in your eye 

I’d never take this to the lake

That swallowed your pickup truck

When you tried to pave a road

It’s too late to take it back

Dark thoughts lead to dark deeds

But only if allowed 

I can’t make you 

But you can’t stop me

As the trees watch the wolves meet

The Owls settle in

Making homes in bad neighborhoods

Hoping the mockingbird will find its way

I’m not going to point the gun

You already pulled the trigger

I’ll fall asleep in the maple leaves 

And dry up in the river 


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