Hideous Car Wreck

If it is cold

I don’t feel it

My muscles are covered

By a sheet of fear

That keeps them warm

A layer of fur under my skin

I walk across the ice with little trepidation

This is not wise

This is an empty car

With heavy doors that creak as they open

And then slam shut with all of the rage you felt

As you watched love, which is a hideous car wreck, slip

Through your dry, scaly fingers that peel along the edges

Leather seats bite my thighs as I slide to the middle

That has no seatbelt because I don’t care anymore if I am thrown

During the rollover I’ve seen in a vision since I have accepted my

Fate that will at least let me die in arms that embrace me with a

Loving thought as they say goodbye and wish they had spent their

Time trying to hold on instead of pushing me to the other side of the bed

That is cold and haunted



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