Friends for a While

Friends for a While 2016

You will do great things

I know you will

Just don’t let the sun blind you

From seeing who was standing next to you

When they fall

It is your job to pick them up

Not step on their

Gripping fingers trying to

Pull themselves back up

With failing muscles that

Suffer from atrophy as they

Were not given the opportunity to train

Like you did under the supervision

Of fathers who cared that your

Nail polish was chipping


When you are driving your big adult car

Don’t forget that your friend

Is sitting on a porch daydreaming of the day

You went swimming with the rainbow trout

Freckled from the sun and hiding from the city

Streets that now welcome you home


You were blood for a while

Eventually it was watered down

The black and white portrait in your study

Captured the plasma that you share

That laughter is etched into the old records

You like to play in the attic


Don’t sink into the memory too far

Or you might remember who you were

Before you were so important

Before your house grew so big

When you loved to get dirty

And you let your hair blow in the wind

Untamed like your pursuit of

Adventure under the roof of the barn

Next to the sheep

Behind the stack of hay


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