Training Wheels

Calculating how to move your little foot 

 Without disturbing the peace that is your sleeping face

I’m trying

I’ve been told I’m wrong

To let you sleep in my bed

Watch tv

Have your way

Eat white bread

They don’t hear you





Until it’s a muted word

They don’t see you 

Thinking about not listening

As I pull out my book of tricks that might include a treat or two

They don’t feel a smack to the face 

As a hundred bodies turn to judge how I react

But in the end, it’s me and you kid

I’m learning my way through this too

So if I yell too loud 

Or let it slide too far

When your older just know 

I had best intentions inside

What it comes down to is that I love you all the time 

During the fit

During the cuddles

During the mess

During the straight “A” report card

I’m learning my way through this too, 

But I’ll always be right behind you

So when you fall

Don’t be scared

Learn from the mistake

 And I will be running to help you dust off


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