Turn it off
Turn it down

Listen to the hummmm

That will carry you through your thoughts

Breathe in 

Breathe out

Jagged edges; lamb’s ear textures

Branches that catch your cotton

Clothes in their baby teeth biting down when confronted

Breaking the skin only when you acknowledge their hissing

Clay dirt clods crackling beneath your feet begging for more pressure 

Cover your ears and walk away

No one will know what you didn’t say

You’re a fool if you believe your the wiser of the two

But call me in the light of day and I’ll help you

I’ll find you a way

Fall on your face they want to see it

As blood pours out of your body

Don’t tell me what you want me to be

Show me what you are

So I can turn it on its head 

Analyze your every move

Come up with my own conclusion based on nothing but prejudices and bias and a fucked up past that no one will really know

Even you had it worse just ask the nurse

Who tried to put you together but gave you up when your glue wouldn’t stick

I’m sorry I’m running through scenarios again

Perhaps this is my sin

That I think

And I think 

And I think

Until there is no room for being

Please, tap into the pressure

I need some release


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