Little Girl Lost

I am invisible
I was born to be a ghost

I see in the most vivid colors

But not without draining

The pigment from my own skin


Little Girl

Little Girl

Little Girl Lost

Will we find our home?



In this wasteland

Over 10 years

Now do it 3 more times

At least my children will see

The Promised Land


I cried this morning

On the way to the car

Usually covering it up

There didn’t seem to be a reason


There was no one there to see


I was scolded yesterday

I laughed, as his face grew red

Anger not humility

It’s funny when people tell you how

Hard it is

And you’ve been trapped in the coal mine

So long your fingernails grow black

Like the tar oozing through

Your veins


Slugging, chugging, trenching along

We used to play pretend like we were hiding

From them

Now we’re shaking their hands


I see you and your pain

I feel it

I don’t know how to help it

But I want to

Will there be a point where

I can paddle beyond just trying to carry

My own dead weight

Every outreached hand

Has pulled itself back

On a second thought


If it were just my own vessel

I would hold it together with my own bare hands

Until I saw land

But I don’t know how to by myself


When the hyena is eyeing the orangutan


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