Little fingers

Dirty tennis shoes

Tan lines

Chipped nail polish


The reasons I know everything will be ok

I didn’t mean to be this way


It started as a thought

And it turned into way of life

Where getting up

Is only waiting to lie back down


But I know

It can’t keep going that way

As the cogs get caught on the string that was

Divinely left by accident

Causing the gears to stop

Getting me out of routine



Crinkled nose

Hidden freckle

Water colors on the kitchen floor


I want to be present

I want to want to be here

I want to not worry

I want to help you grow


Ok, lets dance slow

Then we’ll jump around

Simon says

I love to shake my hair down

All I can feel is my feet hitting the floor


Perfect little moments

That cant be planned

I’ll take them with me

When I have to make confessions

While lying down


Pretty pretty words

Meeting pretty pretty voices

Lets sing until our throats hurt

And block out all that noise

Of cars trying to pass by

And people being disappointed


God gave you lungs

So you could breathe it all inConfessions.jpg


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