I prayed today, but I didn’t want to

I’m still mad at You for what happened before

I still look to people to define who You are

Instead of accepting Your presence as a child

Holding Your gentle hand as I fell asleep

I would talk to You every day

I would rest so carelessly in Your arms

But one day the bow broke

Life became real

The people I ran to cut off my hair

I tried to fight back, 

But my strength had gone too

My faith was shaken

My beliefs were torn down

I wanted a father

But he was nowhere to be found

What I didn’t realize

Was you saved me time and time again

When I was wading in the river 

You struck the moccasin down

When I was gasping for breath 

You loosened his grasp

When I was looking at the street 

You found me a shack

Now I found love in two perfect beings

That are not anyone’s but my own

I find myself drowning in worry

When I should be hugging them with joy

Lifeboats sent out 

Looking for one lost soul

You found me

I’m listening

I’ll try to be worth 

The risk


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