I don’t want perfection

I want bare feet 

Running in the grass

Aching for the coolness of evening

I want an empty desert

gently kissed by the stars

I want a rocking boat 

with that salty smell of the sea

I want cobblestone paths

Leading to Rocky Mountains

I want coffee greeting chapped lips

That color themselves from the cold

I want friends that remember who we were

When we pulled each other from the river

I want a lover who doesn’t

Need to dream of that girl in the picture

And can’t wait to make me smile just to kiss an open mouth 

I want a family that will beat down the bullies

And congratulate their siblings with

A mountain climber’s hug

I’ve seen broken people

And I’ve seen bloodied hands

I know what I don’t want

I want to breathe and feel it

I want to love and know it

I want to sleep and enjoy it

Perfect is to hard to hold

Give me a flawed effort

And I’ll carry it to the sun


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