Tender moments between lullabies and dreams

This is that moment

Snuggled next to little souls

Who hold more love than

Secret notes passed

During class

Each breath is knowing the universe is magnificent

Each finger gripping tighter

Checking for mother’s presence

We do exist beyond survival

The reason I write these words

The reason I carry these burdens

It is everything

Being mother

Being loved

Being undeserving

But having apologies accepted

Tiny kisses given

Healing every bruise and every hurt

Physical or in the spirit

Ever act that was transgressed upon me

Fades away

The most magical of moments

In that little room

When the ocean is singing

Stars sparkle bright

Little faces give me peace through the night

Tomorrow, I will see dawn

I will battle through the storm

But I will leave the scene knowing

Once it is time to tell of far off places

And the grandest adventures to be made

They’ll be eagerly waiting that swift, sudden twist in plot

When the mermaid is a princess

And the ruby ring was the key

As you hang on my words

And long for my attention

I know time is fleeting

And I will try to be more aware

For it is you, my dears, that I hold dearest

You will be in my heart as the angels usher us in to the kingdom 


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