I wonder what it’s like to be you
I watch as they cling to your back

You seem to accept them since

They have similar

Markings along their sides

But I can see them trying to tear you apart

Hoping to get away with a limb

Do you question why they invited you out

I’ve never been on the inside of anything

Even when I met all of the requirements

My sweater was always too tight

Even when I was in love

I was watching from a window

My god, how many times that window had to be replaced

Shattered glass, but I always returned

Looking out at the sea wondering why

I believed it so faithful to me

Sure, it always came back

But where had it been

And why was it always leaving

I guess some of us have trouble trusting

But we weren’t born this way

Maybe someday someone will hold us tight

Like a feral child who has never been hugged

Until we believe that embrace

Or maybe they won’t

And we’ll continue to wander this way

Hoping for scraps from paper plates and plastic spoons

He promised me nothing

I know that’s all I’ll get back

But as I watch you questioning

How you can let them eat you alive

I understand

I don’t stop it

I watch

Feeling your necessary pain


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